Silence Between Us

The echoes of our silence making noise,
Hope you also feeling the same,
The echoes of our silence making noise,
It's you, who got me back to this world even when I lost my all hopes
Your Confidence and my Trust
Combined with Purity
And do you know something?
When I lost the hope and falling down
It's You,Who
Forced me to trust myself again
Gave me a new hope

Secret to Little Happiness


Hola! Happy Friendship Day to all the readers

I hope you are doing not just okay or fine but absolutely great :')

I am sending you a secret of little happiness because why not? randomness is real love after all!

YOU ARE HUMAN, you are not weak for feeling things. SO GET ANGRY, make people regret


Comparison of the three methods is difficult, primarily due to the many variations of all three methods. FVM and FDM provide discrete solutions, while FEM provides a continuous (up to a point) solution.

High Speed Spindle Design

 A high-speed spindle that will be used in a metal cutting machine tool must be designed to provide the required performance features. The major performance features include:

Ad Script for 8-minute video

Scene Setup: Hostel of an engineering student.
Characters (pen name): 
Bhujbal, the passionate writer
Sukhilal, the social worker
Champak, the lover
Manshuiya, the introvert

Bhujbal, Sukhilal, champak and Manshuiya are sitting in Manshuiya’s room.

Is less Marketing Productivity Tormenting you? Then start COPYWRITING

Do you remember the tagline of brands like Airtel (Express Yourself), Adidas (Nothing is Impossible), and Amway (We are Listening)? Did you ever give a thought about the taglines? What is their purpose? Well, some of you must have given a thought about the taglines and some would know their purpose too. Those who do not, there is no need to overthink it because I am here to tell you. The act of creating these taglines is called Copywriting. These taglines are used to attract customers and thus, increase marketing productivity.