A letter to the Indian Youth from Indian Army

This is a letter to the Indian Youth, our future soldiers, from the Indian Army.

Today is our 71st Independence Day, 70 years since we got freedom. A lot has changed since then, but few things remain unchanged – blame game, dirty politics and ignoring what needs to be done!

We, as soldiers, can protect our nation from the foreign threat only, but you, as a youth have a responsibility to protect it from the internal threats. By internal threats, we mean
poverty, hunger, corruption, and dirty politics. However, for that, you will need to get past over the selflessness and develop some human values that most of you lag.

We know that most of you, especially the Metropolitan youth doesn’t want to join army voluntarily. It is okay, we understand that because you are weak and selfish. You are contented to the environment provided by the science and technology that you know you can’t survive here. We have no issue with you not joining the army.

You don’t need to join Indian Army to be a soldier, you can be the soldier by protecting India from the internal threats. Additionally, you don’t even need training because you already know what to do about the threats.

Remember kids, we are just a paint that protects the wall from outside, but you are brick and cement, which forms the wall. Without you, we are as useless as the paint in a bucket.

With love

Indian Army

“The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom's tree”

We know when a tree is sown, it takes time to grow and when it is fully grown, it feeds us. But, it needs protection and as the citizens, it is our duty to protect it.

The way we are enjoying our lives on this motherland is the fruit of this freedom tree that once the Patriots sown, not only them each and every day the soldiers of our country are sowing the same seed and making this tree huge enough to umbrella each one of us to breathe fresh air, drink water, eat food and roam freely as and when we want.

This is the 71st Independence Day; it means it is time to celebrate this festival for the 71st time. Yes indeed it's a festival, no religious festival is greater than this; when you don't have freedom then you don't have religion and in turn, no religious festival to be celebrated; the biggest festival for us is The Independence Day and a day of pride for every Indian. Keep that Patriot's blood flowing in every vein and celebrate this festival

Happy Independence Day