India's Best Technology - JUGAAD

Jugaad - The Best Technology Ever
Jugaad is a Hindi word which means to complete thing/task without sufficient resources. It is technically translated as ‘hack’. It is a new way to think constructively and differently about innovation and strategy.
Jugaad isn’t just a hack for Indian people, it is another necessity like roti, kapda aur makaan (food, clothes and shelter).
When I was a kid, my Grandpa told me a bedtime story that I will use to explain Jugaad and why it is the very best technology. I know most of us will take the jugaad as a method of doing work differently instead of technology. So, let us just focus on eliteness of Jugaad instead of arguing over method and technology. In addition, yeah! I may not be as good as my Grandpa in story telling so bear with me.

Story: It is the time before independence when British had control over India and automobiles (cars to be precise) were new in the market.
As we all know Britishers were arrogant and to boast about their wealth and power, four Britishers, all highly qualified, decided to do a tour in their brand new car. After half tour, their car breakdowns in the middle of a jungle. Having no option to call someone to get the car repaired, they decided to do the repairs on their own. Hours passed but they were unable to get the car started and they gave up. At that moment an Indian was passing by, seeing the Britishers in such a condition he decided to help them.
Man: What happened sir, can I be of any service?
Britishers: Explains the scenario.
Man: Can I look around and see if I can repair the car.
Britishers: (As expected) they mocked him at first that how a man like him can repair a car which has just arrived the market! Later they decided to allow him.
The man starts looking around, knocked the car few times and did what he could do the best to keep his pride, Jugaad. Later he asked the Britishers to start the engine and guess what engine did start.
Britishers: How were you able to repair the car even after having no knowledge about the car?
Man(replied in one word): JUGAAD.
Britishers were taken aback by his reply and decided to gain the control over this technology. So, they went to the King of that village in which the man dwelled.
Britishers: You have a technology that we want.
King: What technology sir?
Britishers: Juggaar.
King: Sorry sir I don’t understand! We don’t have any kind of technology like that.
Britishers: Yes, you have! A man from your village helped us with Juggaar technology.
King: Sorry sir you are mistaken we don’t have any technology like Juggaar.
(King’s advisor interrupts and says they are talking about Jugaad and the king starts laughing)
Britishers: What is so funny?
King: Sorry sir but we cannot give you what you want. It is something that is priceless and even more expensive than the infamous Kohinoor diamond.
Britishers were stunned by the King’s reply and had to leave bare-handed and the assembly burst into laughter. This news reached every corner of the world like a wildfire. Everyone tried to get their hands on this “Jugaad Technology” but everyone returned bare-handed.

Afterall, how can someone have a technology that exists only in ideas?

This was just one story but there are countless others which can be seen on social media, can be heard from parents, colleagues and friends.

It is something that Indians have surpassed the whole world and can never be defeated. So, keep doing Jugaad and remain jugaadu.

P.S: Remember, not to give Jugaad Technology to any other country. Never ever!!! We have a patent on it.