Making INDIA safer by Video Analytics

Video Analytics is an important feature used to extract information from a real-time video like CCTV .
All the developed countries are using Video Analytics for the enhanced security and implementation of law.
Developed countries are using video analytics at a large scale, from domestic use to professional use. However, the question arises, in developing countries like India where it is being used? Or what is its use? At present, few private firms and few executives are using it for security purposes. Further, even the above-mentioned features are rarely applied anywhere in India. But then, another question arises, what is the future of video analytics in India? I may have an answer for that.

First of all, let us discuss what video analytics is and how it works. Video analytics is just like an AI which extracts important information from a video automatically. The video can be real-time or recorded one. About its working, it processes the video frame by frame and using image processing extracts information from the video.
Its features depend mainly on a video platform. Generally, it provides the following insights:
·         Number of total views (unique views)
·         Video watch time
·         Number of video impressions
·         Average video engagement
·         Personal user stats: country, IP address, average viewing time, operating system, etc.

In India, the gravest concern is safety, security and law enforcement. These concerns are hard to handle manually so we require an alternative. Role of Video Analytics comes here. Therefore, we can use the video analytics (along with image processing) and use them to improve our system and strengthen our law.

Safety: We can use video analytics to safeguard your home, office using Facial recognition Technology.

Security: To increase security at highly sensitive regions, Motion Detection Technology can be used.

Law Enforcement: We can catch the traffic violators by installing cameras at Traffic signals and using Motion Technology and Image processing.

Surveillance:  In future Video analytics can be used hugely for surveillance at Borders and for capturing a riot and other similar scenarios using drones.

Even the social media uses Video analytics. Wonder where? Everywhere! When you upload an image it asks you to tag your friends, and when you start tagging it automatically detects your friend’s face and identifies him/her, thus saving you the hard work.
Video Analytics can be applied for various other purposes like facial recognition, heat mapping, counting of people etc.

Thus, video analytics can play a vibrant role in the development of Indian society by improving security and law enforcement.