4 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration and Finish Your Work

“Words are all I have to express my story and myself”

– Precocious thinker

A writer expresses his/her thoughts by words. Using words he/she connects with the reader not just mentally but emotionally too. Most of the readers think that a writer never runs out of words, they just have the words flowing continuously like a river. Indeed, most of the time, it is true but sometimes words stop flowing and so does ideas. Words and ideas stop abruptly for a writer and writers call this moment “writer’s block”.

What is writer’s block and why does it happen?
Writer’s block is a moment when a writer runs out of ideas and words. At this moment, writer’s flow breaks and he/she will do anything to get back in the flow, to get back into the world of creativity.

 According to psychologists and experienced writers, there are four major reasons for writer’s block:

  • Anxiety/stress: It usually happens due to self-criticism.
  • Interpersonal frustration: It happens due to comparison with others – may be good or bad.
  • Apathy: It is literally running out of ideas and inspiration.
  •  Anger/disappointment: All the previous factors when persistence leads to anger. 
  • Distraction, high expectations and losing way are few other reasons for writer’s block.

Writer’s block is temporary and it often reflects the writer’s state of mind such as the mental and emotional state. There are times when it takes a little effort to get flowing again but there are hard times too when some extra effort is put by the writer to get flowing again in the world of words, ideas and creativity.

 Here is what you can do to overcome writer’s block and boost creativity:

1.      Take a walk: Got frustrated, just take a walk outside and relax for some time.

2.      Get social: Getting depressed or disappointed, talk to parents, friends or colleagues.

3.      Try something else creative: Try another activity like singing, dancing or play some sports.

4.      Get your confidence back: Watch some motivational videos or close your eyes and visualize the moment of your success, you will see the difference!

Identify your writer’s block and correspondingly select your technique to overcome it and get more creative.


 “Don’t keep dreaming, it is not going to write itself – so keep writing”