Ad Script for 8-minute video

Scene Setup: Hostel of an engineering student.
Characters (pen name): 
Bhujbal, the passionate writer
Sukhilal, the social worker
Champak, the lover
Manshuiya, the introvert

Bhujbal, Sukhilal, champak and Manshuiya are sitting in Manshuiya’s room.

Suddenly phone beeps and a message is received saying result declared.
*heartbeat sound*
They start checking the result.
*heartbeat sound echoes loudly*
And, the loud noise echoes in the whole hostel “all clear and it is party time.
Champak: It is about damn time that we open “Pasión Azteca.
Everyone agrees but Manshuiya (only sober guy in the room).
*15 minutes after the bottle is finished*
(All three were “partially drunk” that they choked with emotions)
Bhujbal: Dude, we are in hell. I wish I could quit all this engineering and just start writing keep doing it until death.
Sukhilal: Same here dude! I wish I could do social work and help the needy. It isn’t like I want to be their ‘messiah’ or something but I just want to help them.
Champak: I wish I also had a passion so that I could also say the same but I can’t (starts crying)
*All three started speaking indistinctly and chaos is created soon*
Manshuiya (loudly): Shut Up!
*Silence in the room*
Manshuiya: Hey Bhujbal! If you love writing so much and want to learn more then why don’t you join Whitepanda. You will get a lot to learn and write obviously. I think you should do what you said!!!
Champak: Look who is speaking! The introvert. Hahaha
Manshuiya (Loudly and angrily): Shut Up!
*Silence in the room and Manshuiya starts speaking*
Manshuiya: Shut Up! I am the one who is speaking right now, so let me speak. Do not dare to interrupt me.
Hey Sukhilal, you want to help the needy, correct? Let me ask you, how will you do this, huh? Being drunk? You want to help needy then quit drinking first and join Jugnoo, an NGO which teaches poor kids for free, and do join it tomorrow because sooner the better. Further, you said something about quitting engineering! You do know that you will need money to do social work, don’t you?
Now Champak, let us talk about you, shall we?
*Champak is shown frightened after seeing this side of Manshuiya*
So, you don’t have a passion then develop one or make engineering your passion. You are good at it. Additionally, you are better with girls, everyone here knows this. So, why don’t you start using Tinder, the dating app. Who knows, you may find your better half.

(All three in monotonous tone) We will do it the first thing tomorrow!

*Video ends with three slides*
Slide one: Follow your passion, not blindly but smartly
Slide two: Don’t drink alcohol to get over emotional pain ‘coz it will consume you
Slide three: Alcohol Kills, Smoking Kills