Expectations: The culprit of relationship

Expectations, a simple word or a feeling which sometimes strengthens a relationship or damages it. In most of the cases, it does the latter or even worse like collateral damage!
The main culprit which creates an obstruction in the path of a selfless relationship. All we do, believe in, seek, ask for is "Expectations". All the things we do for others is not driven by the feeling of good deeds, but the selfish act of ours. What we do for others is more of a liability which one has to pay back some day (what we think as). Of course with an added amount to the principal sum. Yes, it’s like a bank deposit, that we do and wait for it to add some extra bucks in our deposit (depending upon the weight of favour), and to return whenever asked for.

Relations nowadays are nothing but a reservation. We all trust each other, including even the ones whom we met once or twice a month or maybe a year. what we believe is that they care for us is more than what our family members do. Whatever they do is very precious to us, doesn't matters if they do it only once. We start comparing their actions, their way of almost everything, and top of all we even judge them by ourselves.

If a stranger shows some sympathy towards us or volunteers to do so, we get so much overwhelmed and feel like why can't be my relatives be like him or her? But we never think that what the other person did is for once. Will he do this so-called favour again and again? No, we don't even try to give this thought a damn. We just blame other, because that's easy to digest.

Not only in relationship, but we also expect from people everywhere for everything, every day. We want the world to change but we bent over that we won't change!

Why do we always have to expect something from others, why can't we just give something without selflessness? Why do we have to be always demanding? Can't we just be unselfish for once, for the
 sake of our relations!!