How to Write a Buyer's Persona and Employee Persona

A persona (plural personae or personas), in the word's everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor. In literary analysis, any narrative voice that speaks in the first person and appears to define a particular character is often referred to as a persona. It is contrasted with a third-person narrative voice, generally taken to be more objective and impersonal. Let's understand the same with an example, shall we?

Buyer’s Persona – Employee
I am an Employee at White Panda for the last 2 years. I am a content writer and I have been working as a content marketer. I finished my engineering in 2015 and joined the White Panda in the same year. I value punctuality and perfection. These two traits help me in my work.
I have faced many challenges and have been through many vicissitudes during my work time but the major challenge is coping with stress. I know that some workplace stress is good for the work as it helps me focus and remain energetic. However, there are times when the stress level is high and at that time, it becomes difficult to focus on the work.
According to me, common causes of workplace stress are:
·         Fear of being laid off
·         More overtime due to staff cutbacks
·         Pressure to perform to meet rising expectations but with no increase in job satisfaction
·         Pressure to work at optimum levels—all the time!
·         Lack of control over how you do your work
As they say, when there is a problem there is a solution too, right? Yes, there always is and I have found some solution that helps me and they will help you too. This is what I do:
·      I always reach out to someone close to family members.
·      Sometimes, reaching out to friends always helps; I presume you already know what they do!
·      Getting proper sleep also helps.
·      A good health is must so I always try to get a properly balanced diet.
·      Prioritising my work helps me avoid stacking of tasks.
·      Taking regular breaks at work help me relax my mind.
·      I like perfection but sometimes perfectionism causes stress. Hence, I prefer to be near perfection instead of perfection. What I mean is 99% is nearly as good as 100%, right!
I believe employee satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction because if we, employees, are not satisfied and comfortable, then how the company will be productive!
Nevertheless, everyone knows nothing is perfect; and where it is good, there is evil, so I have adapted myself to my work environment and I love it. I will tell you one more thing that helps me keep going,
To follow your passion, you need to give up your pleasures of life

Buyer’s Persona – Engineer
I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Delhi Technological University. As an engineer, especially in India, allow me to share few experiences with you.
In engineering, I gained not only knowledge but also some values like coping up with stress, time constraints and the last minute work. If you visit an engineering college and do a survey, you will find that most of the students have their unique talent like writer, singer, musician etc. However, in engineering, the biggest challenge is getting a decent job, especially when you are not from a reputed college. This made me do me some own research regarding jobs. There are various technical jobs and you can easily get them if you have adequate knowledge and confidence. On the contrary, there are few non-technical jobs or you may call them unconventional jobs.
I made a list of few unconventional jobs from the online research I did that I would like to share with you.
·         Creative Writing
·         Film Making
·         Entrepreneurship
·         Event Management
·         Photography
·         Game Designing, and
·         Food Critic
I like writing and I would choose it as my unconventional career, as it brings out my thoughts and ideology, hence allowing me to share them with the world. I believe writing is the best media to share my stories and experiences with the world, allowing the readers to learn something new (maybe old too). So,
Keep Writing and Keep Sharing