Life Hack : Life isn't always cruel!!!

We always say that the life is hard and in hard times, we curse the life and call it cruel, But, is it? Give me two minutes of your life. What? What can 2 minutes do! What can we even learn in those two minutes!!! I will ask this again after 2 minutes.

So, There are Four Questions to Answer. Observe the following image.

Q1. Divide the White area in square A into two equal pieces

Simple, isn't it?

 Q2. Now, divide the White area in square B into three equal pieces.

Simple again, right?

Q3. Divide the White area in square C into four equal pieces.

 Trickier? or hard?

Be ready, here comes the last Question...
Q4. Divide the area in square D into seven equal pieces. -World Record is 7 Seconds..

Time is up...!!! ??? Please, don't scroll down for the answer immediately, just try to solve it.

Were you able to?

 No... No issue.

Here is the Answer...!!!

Was it that difficult? It was just to see how our minds can be conditioned...:)))

So, what were the Lessons Learnt:
    Most of the times, our mind gets conditioned so much by the circumstances that - we cannot see the obvious.
   We assume that things are so complicated and we get entrapped in the ghost of its thoughts.
   We carry on the syndrome to our relationships and make them complicated, too.

Be simple in life!Life isn't always cruel.