Six Ways to Optimise your Facebook Page

As everyone knows, at present, Facebook is the biggest social media network and for content marketing, it is like the “Gold on Borax.” However, if not used wisely it can ruin your whole marketing strategy. Every company has a Facebook page not only due to its popularity but for marketing purpose and to connect with their customers. Again, if the page is not optimised and utilised properly, company’s whole content and marketing strategy can go in vain.
 So, let us get to the point on how you can optimise your Facebook page and maximise your productivity.

Let’s start with six MOST important optimizing tips for your Facebook fan page.
1. Choose a Brandable Name
Optimizing your Facebook page for search engines is simple. Just add few key phrases that represent your business. Example, my Facebook business page for precociousthinker is precociousthinker. In this case, I am branding myself as a mature thinker who writes maturely.
Try to have a unique name and also not to appear spammy as it can disengage your followers. Provide value with selfless serving articles, it will bring you quality. Remember, the first word within your Facebook Business page title is given the most importance by Google.

2. Use Keywords throughout Your Facebook Page
SEO, a tool whose understanding is must for every content marketer. Just like any other websites in cyberspace, keyword optimisation is the most fundamental form of on-site SEO. Search engines like Google and Bing are drawn to keywords like moths to a flame.
Do not forget to include keywords in your Website’s address (URL) and in short description. It is shown above the fold and on the front of your Facebook business page. The title of the Facebook page is used as the Meta Title Tag and the short description is used as the Meta Descriptions Tag.

3. Create a Custom Facebook URL
Never settle for the standard issue Facebook URL that comes with your Facebook account. After your fan page has received 25+ likes, Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a custom and unique URL for your business page.
Since, URL’s hold high value to search engines, a unique Facebook URL will give your SEO a bang. A simple and easy to remember link enhances your brand recognition.
Additionally, use a brief 160 or less character description for your business page so your whole message displays in the search engine’s snippet.

4. Optimise Facebook Business Page Status Updates for SEO
Just a reminder, “where there is content, there is SEO.” When you post a status updates, especially graphic image and photos, to your Facebook wall, remember to take advantage of the option “Say Something About This…” when Facebook prompts you. The text that you write becomes your SEO title for that update.
Just like your Facebook business page name, Google places a higher value on the first word in your update so the smart move will be making that a keyword relevant to your site.

5. Include Your Phone Number and Address within Your Facebook Page
To optimise your page for local searches, make sure to include your Address, City, State, and Zip code. It might sound surprising, but there are companies with the Facebook business page that do not include their contact information. Considering the SEO relevance that Google and other search engines are taking into account for social media networking sites, it is just plain smart to include your phone number and address.  Remember having your ‘Brand’ indexed for local search is a critical step to growing your Facebook page following.

6. Backlink to your Facebook Business Page
Like any other Website in cyberspace, having a large amount of quality inbound links will classify your site as an authority in the eyes of Google. The same principle applies to your Facebook Business page, so, wherever possible and appropriate, be sure to include a link back to your fan page from other social networking sites, Websites, blogs, etc.

Additional tip: Design an Informative Facebook Page Cover because it represents your company.

Using Facebook may be ordinary these days but using it wisely is the coolest thing that you can do.

Remember: “Key to success isn’t hard work, it is smart to work