Speed Up Windows 10 For Uninterrupted Gaming And More (Mostly For Beginners)

Everyone wishes their PC to be fast so that they can do uninterrupted gaming and more. If you wish the same, I may have a solution to this. Just follow this simple guide to get an optimized PC:

Privacy & Windows Update

#1.Turn off peer-to-peer updates.
Sharing is caring only if you’re not a cynical privacy advocate. If you aren’t into much caring or sharing, you’ll probably want to stop Windows from uploading updates from your computer to other people’s computers without you knowing. This setting is on by default, and it’s a bit tricky to find so bear with me.
  1. Open the Settings app (Win+I)
  2. Choose Update & Security
  3. Choose Advanced Options
  4. Choose how updates are delivered
  5. Select “PCs on my local network.”
  6. OR if you’re worried, just turn update sharing off

#2.Set Active Hours

Active Hours tells Windows that it is not OK to automatically restart your computer without warning you during a certain period of time. Restart Options will let you decide exactly when to restart your computer when new updates are pending. You can find both of these settings in by following these instructions: Open the Settings app (Win+I)
  1. Open the settings app (Win+I )
  2. Choose update and security

#3.Application Updates

Now that you have Windows all updated, it’s also a good idea to update those shiny new Windows 10 app store applications. To do so follow these instructions:
  1. Open the Windows Store app
  2. Click on your profile picture next to the search box
  3. Choose “Downloads and updates.”
This will take you to downloads and updates page where you can check for and install updates to your Windows 10 app store applications.


#4.Disable Wi-Fi Sense

Enabled by default, Wi-Fi Sense will attempt to automatically connect you to safe or recognized networks while using Wi-Fi. From your neighbour’s Wi-Fi, coffee shops, airports or even hotels. It is an inconvenient “feature” bundled with Windows 10 that only leads to security concerns, headaches, and the occasional concern that you might connect to a metered connection and not know it.


Ideally, you should have no devices with question marks in your device manager when you’ve completed installing drivers.


Remove Bloatware

 Windows 10 comes pre-loaded with a handful of applications that most users will find unnecessary or will outright get in their way so it’s better to remove them.

Remove Windows Apps Manually

Through the PowerShell in Windows, you can remove a handful of the bloatware that comes bundled with Windows 10. With a simple command, you can have a much cleaner PC in a matter of moments!
In order to access the PowerShell, simply do the following:
  1. Search “PowerShell” in the start menu.
  2. Run “Windows PowerShell” as an administrator.
That’s it! Now, enter the text specified below to remove the corresponding application(s) from your computer.

Helpful Softwares You Should Have Installed Already


It will free up space on your storage devices and second, it will erase private data such as your clipboard, browsing history, internet cache, etc.


Discord is a VoIP (Voice over IP… think Skype) app designed for collaborative gaming and community communication. First of all, Discord is 100% free to use. You can choose to either use Discord directly through your web browser or download the Discord desktop/mobile application. Discord organizes communication into servers and further subdivides servers into text channels and voice channels.

#3.CPUID Suite

It provides various software that is indispensable for gathering information about your computer. It is an open source software used to archive and unarchives files in just about any format. 

#4.Backup Software

Is it a good thing to take regular system backups of all your important files for just such a situation right? RIGHT? There are two main types of backups you’ll want to have. File system backups that simply gather your data and keep an extra copy of it, and system image backups that will allow you to restore your computer completely to a point in time


I hope I don’t have to explain why it’s a good idea to have some form of antivirus/antimalware protection. For protection, the main players as of 2017 are Avira, Windows Defender (which comes installed with Windows), Bitdefender, and Avast

Automatically log in

Perhaps your computer starts very quickly, but its fast boot is interrupted by the requirement for a password to be entered. Perhaps you don’t like this. It’s easy enough to disable. Do note that you will only want to do this if your computer is not used by anyone else and is not a public device, as this means that simply turning on your computer will drop you on your desktop.

Be sure to hit up the Personalization settings and make it your own! Not to mention grabbing all of the software you’ll want. Make it yours!

I’m assuming a fresh install because the bulk of users might have a handful of the programs I suggest, some might have already applied some of the tweaks I’ll bring to your attention, and some might even have outdated versions of Windows.

All in all, it’s a pretty safe bet this guide will work just fine for you.