Tabata Training: Flat Bellly in Just 5 minutes

Yes, you read it right, flat belly in just 4 minutes. In this world of competition, we are so busy that we forget about our body and become careless about it. But when we do its too late, so I have a solution for you – Tabata Training.

This may tire you so much that you may pant the hardest, feel nauseatic and want it to end so much. But this is what the beauty of a Tabata workout is. And there's a reason people do it. Not only athletes but a lot of celebrities are also doing Tabata workout for quick weight loss.

Tabata workout is high-intensity interval training, which one does for 4 minutes (called as one Tabata) ideally. This increases your aerobic and anaerobic capacities, VO2 max, and your resting metabolic rate. It has been claimed that when it comes to making you burn fat, a Tabata workout can make you burn more than a traditional 60-minute workout.

People often ask how Tabata can make people lose so much fat in such less time. The answer lies in the intensity of the workout. Tabata was developed by a Japanese scientist, Dr Izumi Tabata, who researched about the technique on two groups of athletes. The one that did Tabata had better increased their aerobic system and their anaerobic system was increased by 28 percent.

A traditional Tabata exercise means 20 seconds of an exercise, such as running, jogging, skipping, and biking, at the hardest capacity. This is followed by a 10-second interval. Repeat it as many times as you can in four minutes. Don't get bothered if by the end of it you feel like you may as well die.

The set of Tabata that he has performed in the video includes the following. The circuit has 4 exercises. One can repeat the full circuit 4 to 5 times.

Box jump pushups: 20 seconds (An easier option: Simple jump and pushups)
Rest: 10 seconds

V sit-ups: 20 seconds (An easier option: Simple crunches)
Rest: 10 seconds

Kettlebell swings: 20 seconds (An easier option: Swing up to shoulder level)
Rest: 10 seconds

Plank alternating leg lifts: 20 seconds (An easier option: Simple plank)

Rest: 10 seconds

Some tips:

- When you start a Tabata workout, pick an exercise in which you are very comfortable, such as running.

- Always follow a clock and never rely on counting. When you are intensely working out, chances are you will lose the count.

Start training now!!!