FUNDRAISING: No Make-Up Day on 25 April

Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Traditionally, it consisted mostly of asking for donations on the street or at people's doors, and this is experiencing very strong growth in the form of face-to-face fundraising, but new forms of fundraising, such as online fundraising, have emerged in recent years, though these are often based on older methods such as grassroots fundraising.

There are a number of fundraising events throughout the world commonly done to raise money for:

  • Cancer patients
  • Poor people
  • The family of Army personnel
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Famine affected areas
  • Another social event and lots more.

Fundraising events commonly include:

  • Half Marathon Runs
  • Charity Cricket Matches
  • Charity Football Matches
  • Gala Functions
  • Dinner Events
  • Sports Events

These days there are some new ways to raise funds like:

  • Online fundraising
  • Social Campaigns like “No Shave November”
  • Selling products and donating a part of it
I would like to add another fundraising campaign on the list: NO MAKE-UP DAY



About The Campaign

We all know a lot of money, in fact, a huge amount of money is spent on makeup. It is done by every human on the planet. Ever wondered how much money do we spend on makeup everyday!! Let me give you statistics on that:
  • Women spend an average of about $15000 a year on makeup while Men were revealed to spend $13500 on an average per year.
  • The revenue of the U.S. cosmetic industry is estimated to amount to about 62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.
  • How much Money celebrities spend on make-up? Click Here to know the figures.

So, everyone can easily understand that how much money is spent every day on make-up all over the world. What if we celebrate a day without make-up (NO MAKE-UP DAY) on April 25 every year and donate the money saved to a charity.I believe the amount of fund raised by this campaign will be a lot if it is successful.

Let’s celebrate 
April 25 as NO MAKEUP DAY 
every year 
donate the money saved to a charity