Secret to Little Happiness


Hola! Happy Friendship Day to all the readers

I hope you are doing not just okay or fine but absolutely great :')

I am sending you a secret of little happiness because why not? randomness is real love after all!

YOU ARE HUMAN, you are not weak for feeling things. SO GET ANGRY, make people regret

ever wronging you. FEEL SAD, crack, crumble & cry until your heart is no longer heavy. BE HAPPY, smile so bright that sun is jealous of you. You are not NORMAL, EASY and SIMPLE cause life has planned something DIFFICULT, PASSIONATE and EXTRAORDINARY for you. You finding this bottle was a FATE, but you opening up the note was a CHOICE and just like this, always make your own choice. no one can tell you how to live your life, no one can tell you whom to love and no one else's idea of destiny can define your story cause you are born to express not to impress'.

Sometimes we can't control, we just need to relax, have faith, live a little more and let it go.

People will judge you, question you and even taunt you but believe in yourself. Focus on what's next. Think ahead. Set a new goal that excites you. Visualise positive outcome. Don't let the past pull you down. Do everything with your heart. Invest yourself. Choose to be patient and happy. Be grateful to life for the several lessons. Don't compare yourself to others. Be honest. Work hard and work smart. Get your priorities straight. Live every moment. Go out. Have fun. Make friends. Smile & NEVER GIVE UP!

But the fact is nothing written above is easy. It's completely fine to breakdown once in a while, lose your focus, be messed up & shut yourself out. But it's completely wrong to NEVER START AGAIN! You should learn to be proud of the little things you achieve like making a cup of coffee for yourself or just getting out of the bed today. Not everything you do has to be world changing but it must need to be a step closer towards getting the self-confidence back :')

Before wrapping this up, let me tell you one more known-unknown secret:


with lots of love
A Random Friend

Sent by a school Friend Anjali Singh